A “Pinterest-esque” Platform for Real Estate Brokers

RealSavvy Platform provides Agents with insights on features that catch their Clients’ eyes.

“Think Pinterest for Real Estate,” Alani Rondon, Vice President of Marketing at RealSavvy told us. Shoppers no longer need to jump around from one site to another in order to find the perfect home! RealSavvy is a new platform aiming to simplify the home search process. Shoppers enter their price range, style of home, and area that they would like, and RealSavvy compiles a list of houses that meet their criteria from multiple real estate sites to help them find more of what they’re looking for.

Not only is RealSavvy a great tool for home buyers, but for agents as well. By having users share their boards, clients can paint a better picture of their wants and needs to those assisting in their home buying process. With the ability to message inside of the app, communication is streamlined to and from agents and their clients. Homes that were previously searched for and saved won’t slip through the cracks. How would you like the ability to see what types of features are catching your clients’ eyes? Alani went in to detail with about her platform RealSavvy with us and we’re excited about how it’s going to change searching for a home!


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Video credit to Amoura Productions and Jacy Riedmann

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