Blog like a pro: 5 content marketing tips for real estate agents


Content marketing for real estate is a fancy-schmancy way of saying that you write something and publish it. And you happen to be a real estate agent.

Okay, there is a little more strategy to it than that. Content marketing is blogging with a purpose. It’s how you can stand out and build your brand in your community. Establish yourself as a local expert. And help potential home sellers and buyers get to know you before you even meet.

Don’t confuse content marketing with advertising, though. These are more like stories. Short, personal and written as though you were talking to a friend.

And it works. In a 2015 study, the Boston Group found that more than 30% of consumers in both countries are more likely to purchase a product or engage with a service after encountering branded content.

“But who has time for this,” you ask. “I’m a busy real estate agent!”

You’re right — it does take time. That’s why I wanted to share five tips and tools you can use to help make content marketing for real estate a little easier.

  1. Use dictation

Sometimes the best ideas come to you at the worst moments. And sometimes the scariest thing in the world is looking at a blank page. But if you have your smartphone, you’re a step ahead. Just open up a Voice Memos app and start talking! Or your Notes app and start dictating. DOn’t worry about autocorrect or crazy words…. Just go.

Maybe you’re out walking your dog, or sitting an open house. Maybe you’re waiting in a parking lot or sitting at a red light. (Because I know you don’t text and drive!)

Talk out those ideas and capture them when they’re fresh in your mind and your enthusiasm is high. Talk about you’re doing at that very moment. Are you about to go to a listing appointment? Turn it into a blog. Did the sellers have a creative way to welcome potential buyers? Turn it into a blog.

Then when you’re back in front of your laptop, you can transcribe your notes or clean up the autocorrected text. Or better yet, find an intern!

  1. Edit with Grammarly

Nothing kills your content marketing street cred like a typo. This nifty extension is a tiny powerhouse and will be your editor on nearly everything you write — from emails, to texts to blog posts. It’s a great way to ensure you’re always accurate and professional. And it’s free.

  1.  Follow the 80/20 rule

It may be your blog, but it’s not all about you. Write for your audience. Write about what is of interest to them: cool finds, little known restaurants or fun local events. Let that kind of content be the majority of your blog — 80% of it. Then the remaining 20% should be focused on yourself, your listings and your real estate business.

  1. Focus on what makes you different

Are you a tennis player? A dog-lover? A knitter? A craft beer brewer? Bring your hobby or your passion into your content. It makes you a real person and not just a real estate agent. And it will tap into a community of like-minded people who want to work with someone with whom they share an interest.

  1. Go deep into your data

Once you start publishing, there are ways to better understand how your content marketing is performing for you. Install Google Analytics to start. While it’s a very robust analytics platform, it’s fun to play around and understand who is coming to your blog, which posts they like and how long they spend on your site. And the price point is pretty good — it’s free!

Author: Lauren Walker is Director of Content at Adwerx. She’s a veteran direct marketer, writer and a mud run enthusiast.

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