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I first heard about this company called New Story when I attended an Inman event last year.  A very well spoken young man stood on the stage and told us about how he was going to build houses for people who needed them. This young man was Brett Hagler and he is the co-founder and CEO of New Story. When he said that for $6000 dollars you could provide a new home, that a family would own, I was intrigued.  The more I learned, the more impressed I was.

So here’s the plan: The Geeky Girl Community is going to sponsor a home.

Why? Because as members of the real estate industry, helping people find their home is what we are all about and the folks at New Story will tell you, “A new home means safety, health, hope, and a foundation to thrive. Everything starts with a home.”  Not everyone has the means to fund a New Story home, but as a group I think we can… and maybe more than one.

So I ask that you join The Geeky Girls and donate to our campaign: The Geeky Girl House.

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Click the link or photo above and let’s start a New Story for a family in need….

Thank you for your donations. Geeks rule!


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