Inman Connect New York, #ICNY Recapped

Every winter, we count down the days until #ICNY, the Inman Connect Conference in New York. For many of us, it’s a chance to reconnect with friends, establish new connections, take business meetings, announce new products, collaborate on ideas, and get recharged by the speakers and panelists who plant the seeds within us for our yearly growth. Every year is bigger than the next, and this year was no exception. We interviewed several INMAN Connect Speaker and Ambassador Alums to hear what they were taking away from #ICNY 2016. 

“Giving Agents back their time” Bret Calltharp,Director of Talent Attraction, BHGRE

  • Apps are being designed to streamline repeatable tasks.
  • These apps can help agents avoid “the tyranny of urgency”.
  • Virtual Tours are evolving.
  • Phone apps are being released that replicate 3D tours.
  • Higher level analytics are happening.
  • Block chain, a way to make different platforms work well together and make agents more efficient.

“Build Simpler” Jeff Lobb, CEO Spark Tank Media

  • Tech companies are over building and they’re are losing their audience.
  • Build Simpler.
  • Use more video, conquer your fear 

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TGG – Jacy Riedmann

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