Don’t Be a Drip! #BeReal

Apparently Monday was drip day. I received multiple emails from different agents all over the country that were all EXACTLY the same. A drip campaign. I have some issues with this….

 First, why are they sending an email that’s meant for their client base to me? At best it’s just clogging up my email and irritating me. I have to give folks a little credit for having some sort of database, but it’s pretty clear that they don’t have it organized. It’s a new year… get organized people! Sort your contacts. From my experience the majority of agents have no contact list, so having a contact list is one thing they have going for them.

 Second, if you are going to reach out to contacts in your database, try using some original content. Canned emails are about as good as canned vegetables. You can choke them down if necessary. When I see the same email from multiple people it just makes me think they are lazy or just don’t care. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t give my business to anyone that I believed either of those things about.


Jeff Lobb - Don't Drip on meSo let’s talk about your email campaigns and social presence. As my good friend Jeff Lobb, of Sparktank Media says, “I don’t want to be touched, poked or dripped on. It’s annoying. Why are we using language that describes things we would never do in real life.. How about connect, chat, follow up or build a relationship with. #DontPokeMeTouchMeOrDripOnMe”. Amen brother! STOP dripping, poking and touching… it’s creepy!Laurie - Branding

Agents are notorious for being poor at the communication game. We don’t answer phone calls, we don’t answer emails and then, we disappear after the sale. That’s what the consumer says anyway.  So I guess somebody decided that drip campaigns were the easy, painless way to communicate with your database when you don’t really want to. Then CRM’s started creating them as part of their platforms. I know they meant well. But here’s the problem… when large companies with 100’s or 1000’s of agents buy into a platform and they ALL start sending out the EXACT same email… that’s a huge fail. If you are going to use a drip campaign, please, please create something that is in your voice, that is original and speaks to your sphere. And then make sure you are sending it to the right people. Don’t just select all. Real estate is a relationship based business. Your business is only going to be as strong as your relationships. Trying to build relationships with homogenized, plastic content is not going to create the relationship of trust and depth that you want to have with your sphere. Stop sending out digital junk mail. Your business comes from real people, treat them with respect.

I challenge you all to stop the madness. Be you. #BeReal


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