How to Best Target Today’s Home Shoppers

Our friends at Zillow have a little advice on targeting….

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

As a real estate agent, staying aware of buyer demographics, new marketing techniques, innovative technologies and communication tactics is key to sales success. The real estate game is constantly changing. What worked 10 years ago isn’t necessarily relevant or effective for today’s buyers, especially as real estate becomes a more media-focused industry that’s less reliant on traditional marketing tactics.

Consider the following new and long-standing strategies agents can utilize to target their key demographic.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram aren’t just for connecting with friends and family for fun. Businesses and professionals use these channels to their advantage to target their audience and effectively communicate their message. For agents, this might mean sharing open house information, listing photos, new blog posts or status updates on a closing. Whatever the intention, make sure to create a professional profile – separate from your personal pages, of course – and connect with as many people in your network as possible. Ask friends to share your page and consider sponsored advertising for a low fee to get extra “likes” so your feed regularly appear on users’ pages moving forward. Regularly update your profiles using a program like Hootsuite, which makes posting and scheduling on all channels in advance a breeze.Target


Fresh, high-quality content is what separates great websites from low-traffic websites. You don’t have to be a professional writer to do your research and put some effort into editing your blog posts. Be sure to post at least once, maybe even twice, per week on your blog to keep your audience in the loop about your latest listings or the real estate trends in your area. If you’re into interior design, you might want to include some fun tips about home décor or how to host parties for the holidays. Have fun with the content, but stay on topic and be appropriate with your language.


Targeted email campaigns boast high success rates for many businesses, and real estate professionals are no exception. However, email marketing campaigns are time-consuming and must be executed properly to communicate the message effectively – and most importantly, not end up in your recipients’ spam folder. For a more in-depth look on best practices surrounding e-mail marketing for real estate agents, check out Zillow agent resources.

High-Quality Images

With today’s technology, there’s really no excuse for poor photographs on a listing. Unattractive or blurred images can deter buyers because they may imply a rushed job and poor attention to detail. When life savings are on the line, buyers want assurances that they are buying a quality property. Hire a professional to photograph the property if you’re in doubt – especially if you are trying to sell a high-priced home.


Handwritten postcards may seem dated, but they have the power to provoke emotions not otherwise activated through a computer screen. Letters, specifically, are essential for agents who want to secure a loyal client base. Make sure to remember your past clients’ closing dates and send them cards around the holidays, just to keep your name on their brains for the future.

Today’s home buyers aren’t necessarily pickier, but they are taking notice of other listings and skipping past the ones that just don’t compare. Make sure you, as a real estate professional, market yourself and your properties in the best light possible at all times.

So how do you find your audience? Any ideas you be willing to share? – The Geeky Girls 

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