It’s Time To Get Real

eye-rollI think it’s fair to say that I’m what could be referred to as a social media “old timer.”

I’ve been at this for a long time and have watched social media and digital marketing evolve, morph, and shift—near continuously—before my eyes since 2007 or so.

Back then, it was “de rigeur” for people to talk about “joining the conversation,” about “being real” or “being authentic” or, better yet, “being real and authentic” (these things are, for those of you playing along at home, the same).

Back then, there wasn’t a lot of discussion about strategy. There wasn’t a coordinated effort when it came to digital marketing because we were all still trying to figure out what the tools were and were only just tapping into their potential.

Back then, everything was kind of homespun and warm and fuzzy and, if social media could be Rockwellian, well, it was all sorts of “fireside chat.”

Here’s the thing: we’re not “back then” anymore. It’s not that simple anymore. It’s not just about conversation and it’s not just warm and fuzzy and being aww-shucks-ey.

Social media and digital marketing are serious business and things that require serious strategy.

A real social media plan requires thought. It requires planning. It requires critical thinking, analytical skills, creativity. It requires time, money, and yes, it requires hard work.

Social media and digital marketing have grown from simply throwing something at Twitter or Facebook to see if it’d stick into a legitimate, mature industry that has changed—and changed forever—the way marketing works.

If you’re still banging the “get real, get authentic” drum and think that’s the only digital marketing strategy you need, then it’s time to get real.

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