And Then There Were FOUR: Jacy Riedmann Joins The Geeky Girls!

geekyJacySocial. Savvy. Smart. Just a touch of silly.

The Geeky Girls–that’s Laurie, me, and Tiffany–are dead stoked (as they say) to welcome the sublimely super Jacy Riedmann to our fold!

Real Estate’s resident video and photography wizardress, Jacy Riedmann has had her fingers in more projects than you can count (and probably lots that you’ve seen!) She’s the Vice President of Amoura Productions, based in Austin, Texas, and uses her magic to breathe whimsical life into social media campaigns, commercials, websites, and pretty much any other type of media you could think of.

But wait! There’s more!

Jacy is, in case you didn’t know, kind of a social media rockstar (though we’re pretty sure she doesn’t come with a Stratocaster) and serves on the Social Media Advisory Board for NAR (that’s some serious cred right there), is an ICSF Ambassador (holla!), and is the founder of REBarCamp Omaha.

She’s young, she’s professional.

Our good Ms. Riedmann is on the YPN Advisory Board for the Kansas City Association of REALTORS, OABR in Omaha, and AYREP in Austin. She’s also the tech chair for WCR Omaha and WCR Austin (where she’s also the historian). We told you she had cred.

And now she’s bringing all that (and a bag of chips) to The Geeky Girls, where she’ll share her particular brand of tech and social goodness with ALL y’all. We are psyched she’s with us and we’re all doing a happy dance up in here. Go, Jacy, GO!

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