Embrace the Spinning Wheel of Death!

We have all seen it. That colorful, spinning wheel that pops up on the computer screen when a mac needs a little extra time to think.

When that beautiful pinwheel starts spinning, so do our heads. In the world of technology, we want everything to happen at lightning speed. We want it NOW! We want faster processors, faster memory and faster wifi. Fast, fast, fast! Now, now, now! When the task we are rushing to complete suddenly comes to a screeching halt, we get frustrated and impatient. Our blood pressure spikes and we start playing the Jeopardy song in our heads.


Spinning Wheel of Death

Take a deep breath. Instead of getting irritated, embrace the “spinning wheel of death”!

The gift of time.

When was the last time you had that?

Use this gift of a moment to do something for you. Whether it’s 10 seconds or a whole minute you can use the time to do something positive. Often, we have a million things going on, so we jump to another task losing track of what we were doing in the first place and then end up down a rabbit hole wasting even more time. Multi-tasking isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Try this instead.

Next time you are staring at that beautiful beach ball, find your “happy thought” (Peter Pan was a pretty smart little dude), meditate, or give somebody a hug and a smile. Take advantage of the ‘spin time” and make it a treat. Choose to use these little windows of time to be happy. Train your brain to do a dance when the twirling begins on your computer screen!

It might only be a few seconds, but seconds add up. Pretty soon, we’ll all be done excoriating the spinning wheel of “death” and giving a big ol’ high give to the spinning wheel of GOODNESS.

Choose happy!

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