The Googles Giveth and The Googles Taketh Away

chrome logoWhen it comes to browsers, I think we can all agree that Google Chrome is pretty tough to beat. Seriously; Chrome does everything except tuck you in at night (and there could well be an extension that does that, too).

Life with Chrome is good.

Life with Chrome means you’re connected to Gmail, you’re searching images, making conversions, solving math problems (because some of us are English people and numbers are scary, yo), and twirling about happily with extensions that could, conceivably, align the planets.



Riiiiiiiight. AW, SNAP. I’ve got your snap RIGHT HERE. 

I digress.

Chrome’s major shortcoming—and it’s a big ‘un, to be sure—is that it’s a balls-to-the-wall memory hog. The vast memory suckage and the endless appearances by the likes of the error message above were enough, in spite of Chrome’s best-laid intentions and innate goodness, to make me delete it and chuck it right in the bin.

Doing this made me sad, like I was betraying my tech brethren. I had turned my back on The Google. I had to say, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

But The Googles, being the good Googles that they are, felt my sadness (and the sadness of legions of current and former Chrome users) and decided to do something about our woes.

In a Reddit AMA (that’s “ask me anything,” for those of you playing along at home), Chrome developers said (and I happily quote):

“Since its inception Chrome has been focusing on security and performance of the web across all supported platforms. Performance sometimes has come at the cost of resource usage, but given the importance of the mobile platform this is one of the top things we are looking into.”

“We are profiling Chrome to improve our start-up speed and proactively fighting memory bloat and memory leaks. For example, this year the first gesture latency and mean input latency has decreased steadily.”

And there was much rejoicing.

If Google can get itself together with Chrome, we could probably forget all about Plus … and Buzz and Wave and Orkut and … and … and.

Chrome’s got the goods. It’d just be better if it wasn’t making off with all of my memory and giving me The Sad.

This news from The Google makes me happier (almost) than Nutella. And that, folks, is pretty darned happy.

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