The Geeky Girls Approved List, Part the Second

geeky approvedThere are lots of things in this life that make things a day great.

Good coffee (that’s a given).
Broad smiles and good belly laughs (that’s near the top of the list, for sure).
Excellent friendships (like the one I share with my partner, Laurie).
Good coffee (yes, I know I mentioned it already, but it’s so good, it counts twice).


Tools that are The Geeky Girls-Approved.

That’s RIGHT. The Geeky Girls (that’s me and Laurie and Tiffany) have a compendium of cleverly crafted tools, apps, platforms and GOODNESS that will, dare we say, improve your business life. They could—possibly—align the planets and bring about world peace. But that’s for science to decide. SCIENCE!

I digress.

Last week, we brought you Part 1 of our list, and today, we’ve got Part DEUX. So sit back, roll up your sleeves, and get geeky.


Not just a great name (that’s super-fun to say), BoomTown! actually helps you be more productive (if only I could use it on laundry day). BoomTown!, which is especially great for teams and brokerages, sets you up with a consumer site, provides awesome lead gen, is a predictive CRM, integrates with your MLS, offers coaching, mobile technology that’s second-to-none, and one of the best success management tools out there. In short, it’s solidly badass. BoomTown! isn’t cheap, it’s true, but in terms of bang for your buck, there’s one HECK of a lot of bang.


Email is still, after all these years, the single most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. It’s inexpensive, EVERYONE (yes, everyone) has an email address, and it’s a one-to-one channel that’s available anytime, anywhere. Add video to that and you’ve got something truly extraordinary. BombBomb videos are fun and EASY (that’s the real beauty of it). One of the things they’ve really made an art of is harnessing the power of gmail (still the best email product out there), its tools, and has created a pretty awesome tracking and analytics tool within it. And if you’re self-conscious about video, take a nod from our friend, Leigh Brown, who says, “Y’all better just get over that because your clients are gonna see you anyway.” With BombBomb, can you NOT be The Bomb? NO!


In a nutshell, Contactually helps you turn your relationships into great, actionable business. EASILY. Contactually pulls information from all of your sources—gmail, Outlook, Facebook (and pretty much every other social network), as well as most other external business applications—and organizes your contacts in a way that makes following up and staying in touch easier than you ever imagined. All of your contacts are organized into buckets—Contactually’s way of making things simple for you—and then Contactually does the rest. It knows that you’ve got a lot going on and that remembering when you follow up with someone (even if you have the best of intentions) is HARD. Inexpensive, easy, indispensable. Contactually is one of our favorite things.


Raise your hand if you’ve sent a fax in the past, oh, 5 years. If you have, well, cut it out! The paperless world is a beautiful one and DocuSign is one of its highlights. DocuSign is easy. It makes it possible for you, your clients, their agents, and anyone else to easily review and sign documents when and wherever they are. It’s secure. It’s simple. It involves no printing. No toner. No faxing. No waiting for confirmation. With DocuSign, you get bank-grade security that’s legally binding in more than 188 countries around the world. Why would you ever bother with printing, pens, and mess again?


Virtual tours are great. You love them, right? But they present a problem: they have no real way of showing your customers what the floor plan of a home is REALLY like. And that’s kind of a big deal. FloorplanOnline (among our very favorite things) eliminates that problem in a way that’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The service gives you embeddable videos and custom floor plans that don’t just give your customers pretty pictures; they give them a solid feel for what a home is really like. One of the best values for your marketing dollar, FloorplanOnline is an arrow you want in your quiver.

Each of the tools on The Geeky Girls’-Approved list is one that’s been tried, tested, and is one that we believe in. These are the things we actually USE. They make our business lives better, and they’ll make yours better, too. It’s good to be geeky.

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