What Does It Mean To Be Geeky Girl Approved? (Part 1)

geeky approvedFor those about to get Geeky, WE SALUTE YOU.

In the course of a Geeky day, in addition to sipping fantastic coffee and talking to the best and brightest minds in real estate and tech, we have the opportunity to work with some great companies and put their good stuff to work for our good stuff.

Lots of these companies are good, really good, even. But some are just a cut above. For the companies that aren’t just good, but downright GREAT, there is another designation.

Geeky Girls-Approved.

What does it take to be Geeky Girls-Approved? Well! I’m very glad you asked.

These are companies whose products make our business life easier, that make it better. Their tools solve a problem that we’ve been trying to noodle through for ages. Their customer service kicks boo-tay. Their associates are a pleasure to work with. It takes all of these things.

Companies that are Geeky-Approved don’t give us money, they don’t send us swag, they don’t buy us dinner. These companies have earned this designation simply by being really darned good at what they do.

Let’s meet The Geeky Girls-Approved brands, shall we?

Placester_LogoPlacester. Having Placester on this list is a no-brainer. Seth Price and team offer one of the most solid products in real estate. Did you know that they for $15 million in Series B funding to make their product even more awesome? It’s true. At just $10 per month ($5 if you use your NRDS id when you sign up), it gives the best bang for your Web marketing dollar.

real-satisfied-logo-view-reputation-white-bkgd-copyRealSatisfied. This is one of my personal favorites. Captained by Jeff Turner and Phil Kells, RealSatisfied is more than just an agent rating system. This tool is THE BUSINESS. RealSatisried helps you listen to your customers, catch problems before they get out of hand, identify areas for improvement, solicit better, more complete client testimonials and share those testimonials to sites like Facebook, Twitter & realtor.com. It is decidedly rad.

revaluateRevaluate. Heads up, NY agents! Have you tried Revaluate yet? If not, you are totally missing out. There is more data in one little nook of their site than you’ve probably ever considered. It has information about buildings, neighborhoods and apartments that get down to the nittiest of the nitty gritty. Want to know what a building’s maintenance record is like? Do the elevators break down all the time? Do the property managers suck? Are there noise or environmental violations? Revaluate knows, and it’s an indispensable tool for helping New Yorkers find out what a place is like before they even go there. Survey says: AWESOME.

dotloopdotloop. Does dotloop allow you to sign documents electronically? You bet your bippy, it does. But it does so much more than that. dotloop is a soup-to-nuts document and transaction management system. Use it and you can go paperless from the moment you submit an offer for your clients all the way through settlement. Their mobile applications make it simple to handle your transactions from anywhere, they make it easy to stay in compliance and will rid you of the cabinets and cabinets of paper files you’ve got clogging up your office space.

happy grashopperHappy Grasshopper. A perennial favorite, Happy Grasshopper is a simple-looking product with a whole lotta brainpower behind it. With products like the “classic” Happy Grasshopper messaging, which you can still get for a song, the company offers email solutions for positioning and recruiting, too. It’s Happy Grasshopper’s culture of innovation (not to mention the fact that the people who work there are cooler than the other side of the pillow) that sets them apart. Simple on the outside, hardcore smart on the inside.


These are the tools that we use in our business each and every day. We use them because they work, because their teams are great to work with and, at the end of the day, they do what they say they’re going to do. They just work. Geeky Girls-Approved: this is the good stuff.

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