The Geeky Girls: Bolder. Badder. Kjellander-er

Tiffany Open House22015 has been a big year for The Geeky Girls!

And it’s only getting bigger. We are excited, thrilled, STOKED to announce that the one and only Tiffany Kjellander has signed on as our newest third.

I know, RIGHT? Laurie and I are stone cold PSYCHED.

Tiffany brings a hell of a lot to the Geeky table. Brains. Brilliance. Brazenness. Badassery.

She’s a REALTOR® with more experience than you can shake a stick at (she’s been licensed since 2003, you know) and just this month, she became the CEO & Owner of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate PorchLight Properties in New Jersey. She is a negotiator of fierce renown and one of the real estate industry’s foremost thought leaders.

But there’s more!

Tiffany is one of the world’s great lovers of tech.

Tiffany (along with husband Jeff Lobb of SparkTank Media) is a voracious consumer of tech goodies of all sorts. There is no one who has a heartier appetite for gadgets, gizmos, and the latest and greatest in technology. Don’t believe us? Ask her about the cabinets in her home that are designated specifically for her stockpile of goodies from Apple, Amazon, and other great bastions of technological deliciousness.

Tiffany’s geekiness is undeniable. Always on the bleeding edge of innovation, she is an early adopter of apps, tools, and gadgets whose opinion is sought by real estate professionals, technology companies, and smart people across the country.

To say that she is rad is among life’s biggest understatements.

Greater than her technical prowess, however, is understanding of real estate and how all of this shiny goodness benefits business. No matter how “pretty” an app or tablet or phone or anything may be, with Tiffany, if it’s not going to help her business or improve her bottom line? It’s a non-starter, period. When Tiffany says something works, you can be darned well sure it does.

Tiffany holds a B.F.A from NYU, is a member of Zillow’s Agent Advisory Board, and pretty much brings “awesome” to everything she touches.

Both Laurie and I are thrilled to have Tiffany on board. She brings a certain “X factor” (what I like to call “quelle heure est il”) to what was already a great partnership.

Tiffany Kjellander goes with The Geeky Girls like peas and carrots, and we couldn’t be happier to have her go GEEKY!


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