Follow Up Boss – Not Just For Teams Anymore!

If you’re on the hunt for a great CRM (Contact Relationship Management) System, odds are strong you’ve heard about Follow Up Boss.


What you probably haven’t heard is that it’s now available for individual agents! Hallelujah! (did you hear the fireworks going off?)


As a real estate agent, one of your major tasks is organizing and keeping in touch with your leads and clients. Follow up Boss has always had an amazing platform for teams, but for individual agents, it just didn’t make a lot of sense. It included things that individual agents simply couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to take advantage of, like the ability to distributing leads to team members.

There was just no option to get the system without that. Now FUB has a solution for you, the lone ranger of real estate! And not only that, they have a super deal that will make you jump with glee!

But first, let take a look at the goods….


FUB: chock full of cool stuff!

Smart Lists. What are the advantages of smart lists for general lead/client follow up?


  • They are dynamically generated e.g. last contacted more than 3 days ago, so someone you emailed with yesterday won’t appear in todays follow up smart list.
  • They are not overwhelming like a backlog of tasks and quick to work through
  • You can share lists with team (in the team version)
  • There are more filtering options
  • You can schedule time in your calendar to go through specific lists

There’s an APP for that! Yes! There is a great Follow Up Boss APP for managing your account on the go (you can download it in the Apple App Store).



Instant Followup phone calls.

Follow Up Boss allows you to instantly receive a connecting phone call when a new lead enters the system. You receive calls from one number that you can save as a contact called “New Lead” (who doesn’t want to answer THAT call?!)

IDX Website Activity Integrations. It talks to your website!

The amount of IDX activity sent to Follow Up Boss depends on your website provider. Any website company can integrate their sites fully with the Follow Up Boss platform using their open API. If you have your own custom website, you can integrate using their API or by setting up your forms with FUB’s email format.


You can try it FREE for two weeks (no credit card required) and they have a deal on the new Individual Agent version if you sign up before May 15th, so if you’ve been thinking about giving it a test run, there’s no time like the present!


Better follow-up means better business, and Follow Up Boss helps you get there, better.

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