Am I Engaging?

Has your Facebook page engagement plummeted? Are you hearing crickets when you post? The changes in Facebook’s algorithm for pages has made creating engagement with followers a challenge. Creating a strategy and measuring you engagement rate on your posts is more critical than ever. Do you know how to find your engagement rate?

Go to your Face book page.


Click on POSTS

Scroll down. to ALL POSTS

Click on the drop down menu – “Likes, Comments and Shares”


If you are having trouble here’s a quick video:  How to Find Your Facebook Page Engagement Rate

You will see your engagement rate for each individual post on your page. You can see what has worked and what hasn’t. You can decide what’s worth boosting (advertising). Try a few different things, post at different times of day and see what resonates with your “likers”. Your audience may be a little different so test a little to see what works!

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