Social Clean Up for 2014

We all make resolutions for the new year … lose weight, get organize, eat healthy, be more productive. All great things… but instead of cleaning out that closet maybe you should start the year out right by taking a little time and clean up your social media.

First, lose a little social weight… clean up those friends and followers. Prune the dead wood. Unfollow and Unfriend. Yes, it’s ok. We all accepted friend requests we probably shouldn’t have in the beginning of our social media lives. Now’s the time to weed out the connections that are not in line with what you want to accomplish. Social Media

Organize your social… create lists. Put all your friends and followers on at least one list so you can communicate more effectively. Make as many lists as you need for friends, family, business and future business.

Maintain your social health… going forward when you follow or friend someone make sure you know why and put them on a list immediately.

Be more socially productive…. be purposeful with your social. Create a social plan. Use a posting calendar. Have a method to your social madness. And remember it’s ok to just have fun when you have the time to spend, but don’t let social take you away from the other things you should be doing too.

While you are at it, update your profile pics! Make sure you use a recent photo – no high school pics please (unless you are actually in high school) :). And look over that about you section and make sure bio and contact info are current.

Get busy tidying up! Happy New Year!

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