Video has Google Juice!

We are excited to have a special guest blog post by Animoto this week. If you are not using video you need to be.. video is the best SEO and it’s easy! Check out Animoto…. they have something special for you as TGG followers :)


As a realtor, you think long and hard about how to best present the property you’re selling to potential customers. When people want to buy or sell a house, they go to the internet first, and look for web videos that show off listings at their best. We’ve all seen really horribly done videos that don’t look professional or make property look attractive. We’re not into that, and we bet your customers won’t be either. This is where Animoto, our Inman Award winning online video maker, can make an enormous difference.Animoto Video

Animoto was founded by vets of the TV and film industries who wanted to help businesses make quality videos online. Our secret formula is our video engine technology: it takes your photos and video clips and combines them using the same techniques that pro producers use. All you have to do is choose a pre-designed style, upload your photos, and voilà! Your video is instantly generated.

Good realtors are always taking photos, and with new listings hitting the market each month, you have fresh content to make your videos interesting. But to get visitors to come to your webpage, you need to upload a steady stream of tantalizing videos. Animoto has over sixty different video styles to keep your videos unique and varied. It’s also easy to connect to social media, so that you can share your videos with a wide audience. We’re offering Geeky Girls’ readers an exclusive offer: $50 off of a year of Animoto Pro when you purchase by August 31st at!


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