ONE is a Powerful Number

The Geeky Girls spent last week at Keller Williams Family Reunion in Dallas – it was a week filled with ONE’s. As you may have heard Keller Williams Realty announced it is now officially the #1 Real Real Estate Company in the US and while we are very proud and excited about the big announcement there was another #1 that really caught our attention. Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s new book “The ONE Thing” was the center piece – a book that has
nothing to do with real estate.

With the pace of life moving so fast, we have all become multi-taskers. There is so much to be done in so little time – how else will it get done?  “The ONE Thing” promotes a different philosophy. Encouraging focus on the single thing that will lead to everything else falling into place – “Success is built sequentially, one thing at a time”. It seems so simple, can it possibly be true? We immediately started restructuring our team to allow everyone to focus on their  “ONE Thing” and we are already seeing huge results.

While at KWFR, our friends at Dotloop, which powers eEdge My Transactions, told us we were actually #2 in total loops written in Dotloop… only 3 loops behind our good friend Mark Spain and his Team. If you know Lisa, you know this didn’t sit well with her. So we are giving Mark fair warning. We are gunning for that #1 spot.

Gary and Jay really hit a hot button with us in The ONE Thing. As our business has expanded, we have been pulled in so many different directions. After reading the book we took time to figure out exactly what we should be focused on  – the thing that keeps us moving forward – and now that is our ONE thing – so watch out world! What’s your ONE?

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