The Best… or Worst 6 Seconds of Your Life

Vine  is a new social video app that creates 6 seconds of looping video – it can be artistic, fun, or news worthy. It’s simple to use and your videos can Vinebe automatically posted to Twitter. In it’s first few days Vine had a lot of buzz, but then the porn showed up. UGH! A few updates later and Vine is buzzing along again. The pure simplicity of the app makes it work. It takes away the challenges of creating and sharing your videos. With so many video apps out there, somehow this one has inspired some real creativity and I am Vinebetting we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. I worry that with every new shiny thing, we will find a way to twist it into a business tool….but please have fun with it first before you try to figure out how to make it into something that it wasn’t necessarily meant to be.  After all, sometimes you just need to have a little fun :)


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