Simple+Intimate+Visual +Social = Path

I am always trying out shiny new objects and honestly very few stick.  Usually, I play with an app for a few days and then move on.  About a year ago, I heard about Path and started using it just to check it out. Path is a mobile app – it’s on your phone or tablet – not your computer (available for iPhone or Android).  You share moments in your Path – photos, music, books, thoughts, and places. As I have been a Facebook addict for a few years,  I wasn’t sure Path would have anything new to offer, but it quickly became one of my favorites. Here’s why:

I find it’s Simplicity very alluring. There aren’t a lot of nooks and cranny’s to fall into. You don’t get sucked into the black hole :)

It’s a more Intimate environment. Path limits you to 150 “friends”. In an informal survey of my Path friends, I found that some of the most social people I know, with thousands of “friends” on other platforms, have on average between 50- 60 “friends” on Path. I know that I have made a conscious effort to only accept friend requests on Path from people I know – real friends. And because I actually know these people, I feel free to interact on a more intimate level.

The Visual aspect is encouraged. From the beginning, photos have been the primary means of sharing. There are less words and more pictures on Path.  You have the tools to easily edit photos inside the app. I have seen some of the most beautiful photos I have seen anywhere on Path.

It’s Social! You have the ability to engage with your friend’s “moments” with emoticons and comments (if you need words).

Path has won me over! It’s a combination of the platform itself and the way I have chosen to use it. So give it try – create your own Path – and let me know what you think :)


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