My Love Affair With Twitter

Yesterday  I was reading a blog post by Katie Lance at Inman NextJump Start Your Twitter Strategy in Five Easy Steps- and it started me thinking about my relationship with Twitter. Here is my story:

A few years ago, Twitter caught my eye and I signed up for an account. I followed a few people I knew, tweeted a few times and that was the end of that. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t understand why everyone else found Twitter so attractive. There was no chemistry there for me and it was a brief interlude at best. You see, my first love was Facebook and I was very committed. Twitter was just an acquaintance at that point. 

Several months went by without any further contact with Twitter and then Lisa Archer  walked into my life. Twitter is one of her closest friends and she reintroduced me. This time there was something a little more alluring – a deeper connection if you will. In the time that had passed since I first met Twitter, my social media connections had grown. I could see a side of Twitter that I had not appreciated in the past.  The sparks flew – I had a crush on Twitter!

I found myself hanging out with Twitter more and more. I actually started neglecting Facebook a little. I couldn’t wait to see Twitter every morning and hated to say goodnight. I tried to tell Facebook that I was only “friends” with Twitter, but I knew I wasn’t fooling anybody. I was having a full blown affair with Twitter and I was in love….

To this day I have a passion for Twitter that is unlike anything else. It has expanded my social presence and given me Klout that I never had before.  So I will confess, while I will always remain devoted to Facebook, Twitter is my passion.

If I had read Katie’s blog post when I first got involved with Twitter I may not have lost so much time. So take the time to check it out – she gives a lot of good advice.

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