Let the Facebook Tagging Begin (ios 6 update)

Every now and then Facebook adds an update that just makes my day. Yesterday happened to be one of those days. Want to know why?
While responding to a picture on Facebook yesterday afternoon, I happened to notice that the updated iphone app for ios 6  now allows for tagging in comments, pictures and on pages. Does this excite anyone else other than me?

Let me show you what this looks like.             In a status update I wanted to tag Laurie….Facebook tagging in status comments


It drops down her name…….

Facebook tagging drop down

Look Stefan is tagged in this post…….

Facebook tagging in comments



There are a few catches that we have already discovered. You can’t tag on an Instagram photo. You can not tag in a status update, but you can in a comment on a status update.


This could actually mean less time spent on Facebook on your computer and more time on your phone. If you can tag without pulling the computer out this could be huge. What do you think?

Try it and tag us in a post!


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