Want to spend an hour with us AND pick the topic?

It seems the Levels Coaching Students are getting a substitute teacher (or 2) Thursday, June 14, 2012.  Darin, Founder of Productivity Junkies and Levels Coaching is going to be clear across the country in Alabama during this week’s call. So while the cat is away, The Geeky Girls get to play.

You know it’s pretty cool that Darin trusts us enough to spend a whole hour with his coaching clients, but we are taking this very seriously. We would never want to waste a minute of your time so let’s get down to business.The Geeky Girls

If you were able to spend an hour with us, what would you want to pick our brains about? Would it be Facebook, Twitter, Technology, Internet Marketing or something completely random? The topic  of this call is going to be left up to the current students and by popular vote on our Facebook page. We will tally votes until noon on Wednesday (the day before the call).

Do you want to take your business to the next LEVEL? An added bonus to joining Levels Coaching would be that you get The Geeky Girls as a substitute on this week’s call.

Are you already following The Geeky Girls on twitter and have you connected with us on Facebook too?  If not, make sure you do!

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