Look who is going to be a California girl!

Ok, well maybe just for a couple days, but its still sounds fun right?

Happy GrasshopperI am coming to Orange  County for Agent Reboot next week.  I have 10 tickets that I am giving away to the first 10 people who comment or leave a message on this post. If you already have a ticket, bring a friend. Even if you have been to Agent Reboot in the past, you will want to be there again. Things have changed and the content is always evolving. You can rest assured that Katie Lance and Chris Smith always bring their A-game. Agent Reboot


Last month, I received a distressed phone call from Dan Stewart. Dan is the owner of Happy Grasshopper and recently joined the Agent reboot tour. His oldest child happens to be graduating from Middle School on the same day in Florida. No way he could be in California too. He asked if I would go in his place. Not sure there are very many people I would fly across country for, but Dan is one of them.

Come see me at the Happy Grasshopper booth and find out why I was willing to fly across country. Maybe we can get Chris, Katie, Jimmy Mackin or Darin Persinger to eat some chocolate covered grasshoppers. I can promise they are fine, here is a video of me eating one myself a couple months back.


So who needs a ticket? Visit The Geeky Girls on Facebook or leave a comment here. First 10, get them. Will you be one of them?


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