Marketing Your Services in a Digital World (Part 1)

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Building a brand and expanding your digital footprint

Hello All,

Jay Taylor here with Cre8tive Apps.  Last summer The Geeky Girls invited me to do a guest post on our House Hunter app and how it can help your clients while shopping for a home. They invited me back to do another guest blog and even let me pick the topic. I thought I would share a few thoughts on the importance marketing your services in a digital world.

I broke this into 2 parts, with part 1 discussing the importance of building your personal brand and some things you can do to get your name out there and connect with new clients.  Part 2 will cover the importance of making your website mobile friendly and where to start.

I want start off with some industry market reports and consumer trends:

  • IMS Research states smartphone sales will reach 1 billion units sold annually by 2016.
  • Wall Street Securities Analyst, Mary Meeker reported that in June of 2011, mobile phone and tablet shipments outsold PC shipments.
  • According to Internet World Stats, 77% of the population in the US has access to the internet.

As I see it, there are 2 key points to take away from these numbers,

1)        you need to align your marketing strategy to these changing dynamics, i.e. build your online brand and expand your digital foot print

2)        you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Consumers are rapidly becoming “hyper-connected” and have access to the internet wherever they are, 24/7.  They have internet connectivity through their PC, tablets and mobile devices. With such easy access to information, customers are doing extensive research before they make a purchase or engage in business. While this idea of researching before a purchase is nothing new, the model has shifted to a digital medium.  No longer are these conversations just taking place at the neighborhood BBQ or while at little league practice, they happening real time, through social networks and web searches. Google calls it the zero moment of truth (ZMOT), a theory based on Procter & Gamble’s first and second moments of truth.  According to P&G, a company had to win at the store shelf (1st moment of truth) and when the customer brought the product home and liked it (2nd moment of truth). Therefore, they built their marketing strategy around how to win at those decision points.  As Google puts it, companies need to win at that ZMOT, when they are doing their research online.

So, what does this mean to you? It means you can bet your customers are researching you. If they are researching homes and sending you links to homes they want to see, why wouldn’t they be researching you before they ever send you an email or give you a call?  So, what will they find when they research you?  Have you done a search on your name lately? Are you happy with what you found? Now more than ever, customers need to find you anywhere and everywhere they look. Your digital footprint needs to be vast. It’s time to take control of and build your digital brand, expand your digital footprint.  This is more than just using the same picture on Facebook, Twitter and your website.  Your brand is how customers perceive you, it’s the complete package.  It’s having customer reviews, a consistent message, blog posts, an active social network, and more. It’s about being on the leading edge, marketing your services where your customers are in the digital world.  Business Insider states “A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business has the power to turn customers’ perception into profits.”  So, what are you doing to build your brand?

While building a brand takes commitment and is not always easy, it is well worth the effort.  We at Cre8tive Apps have at least one way we can help build your brand and market your services.  Last summer, you may recall that we launched an app called House Hunter. It was a tool for home buyers that helped them keep organized as they searched for their next home.  We spoke with hundreds of agents at trade shows about our app and the response was always the same “love the concept and the app, but I want something I can brand and give to my clients.” Well, we figured out how we can help realtors do just that through House Hunter: My Agent.

With House Hunter: My Agent, you can leverage the power of a “killer app” (according to Tech Savvy Agent) to deliver your brand and messaging.  Through House Hunter: My Agent, you can have your own branded version of House Hunter, with all the same great features and functionality and you can give out to prospective clients whenever you choose. You can put it on your website, give it out at open houses, put it on property flyers and more. The more you promote your app, the more you expand your digital footprint and build your brand.  Imagine hosting an open house and giving out a free app to every client that walks through the door with an iPhone®, this is a great way to reach out to potential clients with your brand. If you have a mobile friendly website with MLS searching on it, you can even provide that search capability through the app. Check out these screen shots from some of our clients.









Not only do we give you an app you can brand and give to clients, we even help drive customers to you from our website. Yep, we even do some lead generation.  To learn more about how we can help you build your brand, visit our website at or follow us on Facebook (

In part 2, I will provide more insight on the importance of making your website mobile friendly and how to get started.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions or even send me an email jay at cre8tiveapps dot com.

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