Where do you get your referrals?


Both Laurie and I have built our real estate businesses on referrals. There are many places that our referrals come from: online marketing, past clients, sphere of influence, but recently agent to agent referrals powered by deep relationships we have developed via Facebook has become one of key referral sources. Last year alone 50% of our closed business came from Facebook referrals (75% of that was agent to agent referrals).Agent Referrals

There are some amazing referral groups that reside on Facebook alone. Within the company that we are with (Keller Williams Realty) there are over 7 that we each belong to. We would never complain about being in a group that has ultimately brought us each at least 10 referrals over the last year. I have gotten more, but only because Charlotte, NC is much bigger than Pinehurst. We have some amazing friends who have created some great groups (thanks Luis, Jennifer and Lori in particular).

However, I am sorry to say, these groups do not hold a candle to The Official Real Estate Referral Group (TORERG) created by our good friend Jonathan Rivera just a couple of years ago. His group has grown to over 57,000 members. It’s hard to beat a group like this with so many active members.

Jimmy Mackin says this about TORERG, “JR is a pioneer in the Real Estate social space. The Official Real Estate Referral Group is a truly innovative idea that has been brilliantly executed by JR. His guidance helped me successfully launch the Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents, which has become once of the best places on the web for Real Estate Agents to discuss technology.”

“The referral group works because of the massive amounts of people that are in it” says Darin Persinger founder of Productivity Junkies (also my coach).The Official Real Estate Referral Group

Rivera told us this,

“It’s The Official Real Estate Referral Group because I thought that name sounded cool in the beginning ;) But now that we’ve generated 3,909 referrals world wide I think it has earned the name. It’s almost 3.5 years old now and most of the growth happened in the first 2 years,

The concept is simple – You’re an agent in New Jersey, You’ve just sold your clients house and they’re moving to Florida. They wanna buy, but you don’t know anyone in Florida. You hop on the http://realestatereferralgroup.com. You post a ***Referral Alert*** asking for some help and adding your contact info. We send it out to our 57,417 members. They respond to you, YOU choose who you wanna work with.
That’s it. We’ve kept it simple and I think that’s why it’s a success. Plus, I don’t get in the middle of the action”
We are huge fans of The Official Real Estate Referral Group! Who doesn’t love referrals? Are there any other places online you generate agent to agent referrals?
And don’t forget we would love all of your Charlotte and Pinehurst Area referrals! You can always contact us on Facebook!

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