Why We Call it Family Reunion

In case you missed our constant stream of Tweets and Facebook posts, The Geeky Girls attended Keller Williams Family Reunion 2012 (KWFR) in Orlando last week. There is always a little confusion in the weeks leading up to KWFR when you are talking to non real estate friends about going to Family Reunion. Inevitably there is someone who is not familiar with the KW lingo and assumes you are going to visit your family. Well the truth be known the people we see at KWFR truly ARE family. There is a feeling you get at this event like no other. It comes from the company culture – and the kind of people who are attracted to that culture. There are always jokes made about drinking the kool-aid – to that we say bring on the kool-aid… it tastes pretty darn good!TGG KWFR

Fellow NC agent and good buddy Katrina Rockel joined us for a fun road trip to Orlando. We arrived safely Friday evening and after catching up with a few of our closest “family” members at the Peabody Hotel, we headed off  to dinner with one of KW’s newest rock stars Mark Spain. We first met Mark last year in Atlanta at Agent Reboot about a week after he joined KW. We immediately knew he was a special guy and became fast friends.

Saturday morning The Geeky Girls attended the KW Associate Technology Council meeting, where we participated in discussions with members from all across the country. Led by Cary Sylvester KW’s Director of Technology, the room was full of exceptional people who gave input into the direction KW technology will move in the future. That afternoon Mo Anderson spoke at the Cultural Summit followed by Gary Keller’s Quantum Leap. In between Gary and Mo, The Geeky Girls led some training at the Market Leader booth which turned into a fun master-minding session. We brainstormed with agents who utilize the KW eEdge system powered by Market Leader to create  Craigslist ads as one of their most important lead generation tools. Its always a good time when light bulbs go on and you can see the excitement start.Dianna Kokoszka gets geeky

The main event kicked off Sunday morning with Gary Keller’s Vision Speech and as always it was full of incredible insight into what he sees happening in 2012. Then it was time for a few break out sessions… Mega Tech Camp was of special interest to us as some of our favorite people were speaking including Cary Sylvester, Ben Kinney, Chris Smith and Sue Adler. KW Maps Head honcho herself Dianna Kokoszka kicked off Mega Tech and officially became a “geeky girl” when she called us up on stage so that we could give her one of our T-shirts. In case you missed it, here is the 15 minute video (yes it is bootleg) of Chris Smith’s  iPad presentation during Mega Tech Camp. We also taught a Facebook session at Market Leader that afternoon.  That evening it was time for the Red Bash which is always full of fun during the talent show. This year 2 of our favorite people (both KW newbies) performed – Sheri Moritz and Lori Ballen. That day we were also so blessed to meet in real life one of our favorite people online, Jonathan Rivera.  Jonathan built the very popular FB page – The Official Real Estate Referral Group which now has almost 58,000 members.

Geeky Girls FansMonday started with the State of the Company/Culture Address. It was amazing to be there when the announcement was made that Keller Williams Realty has opened our first international office in Vietnam.  At lunchtime we connected with our friend Chris Drayer to work on some exciting new things that will be coming from Real Satisfied – stay tuned! There were a ton of great breakouts the rest of the afternoon and we spent some time with a few more of our favorite vendors – IMSD (geeks rule!), DotLoop, Happy Grasshopper  and Jack Pratt. The Shannon Stites TeamLisa was a even a trooper and ate a chocolate covered cricket! Mega Agent Leadership with Gary was awesome. Lisa attended a session on Social media to hear what the panelists were saying. She had some things she disagrees with and will talk more about that after this blog is shared at least 50 times :) That night we were also able to be there to see Ben Kinney named as the number 2 team in all of KW. Could not be more proud of our head geek. And by the way, our very own Laurie Davis and her partner Shannon Stites (The Shannon Stites Team) were recognized as the #6 Team in the Carolinas Region!

Tuesday morning started with the Keynote address by Chris Gardner. We have heard Chris before and he was just as amazing. “The Pursuit of Happiness” book signing lasted for over 5 hours. We spent more time with Dan and Celeste at Happy Grasshopper and gave away a bunch of T-shirts. We also stopped in to see two of our favorite people,  Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, who were moderating awesome breakouts. The first was on short sales, their specialty, and the second was “Nightmare vs Dream Hires”, which featured the amazing Seth Campbell and Christine Lee.  Our previously mentioned favorite KW newcomer, Mark Spain was on his first main stage mastermind panel with Gary Keller that afternoon and we were there taking pictures and tweeting for him. Even though the word never came out of his mouth, Lisa tweeted about  “Databank”- one of Mark’s favorite concepts- at least twice while he was speaking. Tuesday evening was the Social Media IRL Meet-Up at the Hilton, which has now become an annual tradition where faces are connected to avatars.

Mo AndersonThe last event, the Inspirational Breakfast, was Wednesday morning. Nothing like a good cry to get the day started. Seriously, there were some unbelievable stories of courage and faith that make you see life from a different perspective. We are so blessed and it doesn’t hurt to be reminded once in a while. Thanks to an errant text by Katrina Rockel (don’t ask!), we kicked back the rest of the afternoon with a few of our KW Canadian friends before heading home Thursday.

Every year that we attend KWFR our family grows. We meet new friends and reconnect with long time pals. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a member of this family – we love you all.KWFR 2012


Stay geeky – follow The Geeky Girls on Facebook! And look for us next week in New Orleans at the GenBlue and C21 Conventions… we are going to be partnering with our friends at DotLoop for a little fun – Bon Temps!

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