“5 Listing Agent Differentiators”

RealLead.com is one of the five start up companies we wrote about in our post “New Kids on the Block”. They were chosen by Inman to be featured at Inman Connect NYC.  We are happy to have them guest blog here on The Geeky Girls. They have some great ideas on how to stand out from the crowd!


Stand Out in Today’s Market

When home owners seek to find a Realtor partner to help them sell their property, it’s important for you as a Listing Agent to stand-out among your competition. Below are five ways you can stand-out, land the client, and show them how you sell homes differently than anyone else in your market…


#1: Showcase Your Mobile Marketing Strategy: Show them how you’ll generate more qualified leads by utilizing a mobile marketing campaign for their property. Remember, adding mobile marketing to your properties alone is not enough – you must track your lead generation (i.e. what marketing medium the leads are coming from, how the consumer is requesting info – be it QR code, texting, calling to hear an audio recording). Utilize a mobile product like RealLead.com

#2: Plan, Monitor and Report: Realtors should treat a property they are listing like a business would treat selling a product. No two properties are alike – so treat them differently by developing a marketing campaign specific to that property. Monitor the results of each marketing medium – and share the results back with the property owners monthly – or bi-weekly if that makes sense. Remember the old management adage: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

#3: Showcase Your Track Record: Tell them about other homes similar to theirs that you’ve listed – including the process you used to sell the property. Be clear about what worked and what didn’t work. The more transparent you are, the easier it will be to build trust with your clients. Encourage they call some of your prior clients to hear what they thought about your services.

#4: Develop and Share Success Stories: It’s so easy today to capture short video testimonials from your clients. Most smartphones today come with a video camera built-in. Ask your happy clients if they’d mind sharing a short story (less than 60 seconds – 30 is best) about how you helped them find their dream home! This kind of video content is priceless. You can post this on your own Web site, your Facebook page, your blog, and even create a YouTube or Vimeo channel. When your clients provide a video testimonial ask them to be as specific as possible about what they liked about your style (i.e. how quickly you responded to their inquiries, your strong negotiating skills, your business- and tech-savviness, why they trusted you, etc.).

#5: Be Creative: Share creative ideas you may have about how to increase the value of your client’s home. For example, maybe how the home is staged will increase the value, or the color of paint. Maybe the landscape needs a little work. Let your client know you know what home buyers are looking for – and tailor their property to meet those needs. Bring something interesting to the table with each client. After all, this is why they are working with you in the first place! Oh – and ask yourself, why would you hire you to sell your home? Make a list and lead from there…

Share other strategies you use to stand-out as a Listing Agent in today’s market…

Caroline Cummings


Caroline Cummings – CEO/Co-Founder of RealLead.com


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