Do you know if your FB Fans have KLOUT?

We just installed the Klout FB Top Fans Tab on The Geeky Girls Facebook page and thought you might like to know about it. You can choose to install the tab on any page you are an administrator. It’s similar to Booshaka in that it ranks fans by interaction, but it also ranks them by Klout score – so you can see who your most influential fans are as determined by the Klout algorithm. Fan Klout

So how do you get the Klout Top Fans Tab for your Facebook page? If you are already using Klout and have your Facebook account linked it’s pretty simple.  On the left side of the screen in the “Goodies” box click on the button that says “Facebook Top Fans Tab Install” then choose the page you want to install it on. The data will be collected and the tab will be installed on your page within minutes!

Klout GoodiesWhat will you do with this information???  Well we will leave that up to your creative minds….

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