1/2 of The Geeky Girls at SMM Camp 13

Multitasking is impossible. I don’t just mean walking and chewing gum. This past week The Geeky Girls were scheduled to join some of the brightest minds in the social media space on Ross Hair’s SmmCamp.

SMM Camp 13 The Geeky Girls

SMMCamp 13

We had made the decision about what 2 things we were going to discuss that were working in our business. The night before SMMCAmp, Laurie’s Father had a stroke. It was a game time decision whether she would be joining me or not. I found out an hour before show time that I would be flying solo. To add insult to injury, the headset I had just purchased  was not compatible with my phone or Mac. I know, get a grip right?
Glenn Sanford with EXP Realty was on first and had some great insight on social media with something he termed a mind map. After Glenn was our turn. I discussed how we use lists on Facebook and why they are so important. (add screen print of Facebook lists) When you friend someone or accept their friendship, take the 2 extra seconds to put them in the proper list. Facebook creates some lists for you (commonly referred to as smart lists) but others you get to create yourself. The 5 most looked at lists you have are featured on the side of your newsfeed page. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night, I spend liking, commenting and interacting with the people in those lists. The 5 most important lists for me personally are close friends, family, past clients, sphere (local Charlotte) and moving to Charlotte. It is important to my team’s Facebook referrals that we stay top of mind with the people in these lists.
The part of my presentation that I did not have time to mention was putting people in lists if you have never done so. The number of Facebook friends you currently have that are not on a list determines how quickly you can make this happen. It would be physically impossible for me with almost 4000 friends to go and put everyone in a list. How do I do it then? When it is your birthday, I do one of two things. I either unfriend you because of your lack of interaction with me or I tell you happy birthday and put you in the right list so I can interact with you on other days of the year.

The rest of the SMMCamp line-up just got better as we kept moving along. Jimmy Mackin made a huge announcement about www.Frugyl.com. Did you sign up with the 100’s who scrambled to be the first in the door? Last, but certainly not least was Katie Lance talking about building your brand ambassadors. This is a topic near and dear to The Geeky Girls hearts especially since we are Inman Connect “Badassadors” (it never gets old saying that)!

Next time we get the invite from Ross, we will both be there.  In the meantime, come connect with us on Facebook.

Note from Laurie: My dad is now home from the hospital and doing well. Many thanks to everyone for their support and prayers :)

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