Have you heard about Happy Grasshopper?

You will. This company is quickly growing an army of raving fans. We caught up with company co-founder and president Dan Stewart at Inman Connect to learn about his service. Happy Grasshopper

GG: So what is Happy Grasshopper?

DS: It’s the easiest way to keep in touch. Period. It’s really very simple because we do all the work for you. Our writers create fun, friendly email messages and every 3 weeks, you just pick a new message and we send it out to your sphere.

GG: How do you know what to say about each agent?

DS: That’s a great question and the answer is we don’t. Our messages are never about you, about your market or even about real estate. The reason they work so well is because they’re different. Think about email marketing for a moment. Millions of people have been trained to optimize for subject lines, calls to action, and send frequency. We turn that whole model on its ear by optimizing for friendship. The goal of our messages is to get a reply. We want to start conversations and keep you top of mind.

GG: Who should be on my Happy Grasshopper list?

DS: Everyone in your sphere. Current clients, past clients, friends, family, your dentist – everybody, really. If they know you, they should be in your Happy Grasshopper account.

GG: Sounds interesting. What kind of results are people getting?

DS: It’s been fantastic; we’re really lucky to get a ton of feedback from our customers. Many of them tell us they’re shocked to get so many replies. Others tell us they immediately get referrals.

The bottom line is that keeping in touch with your database is critical. As Gary Keller says, you’ve got to do something to work on your savings account. We’ve created a very easy way for you to do that without becoming a nuisance.

GG: You said your messages go out once every three weeks. Why?

DS: We’ve done a lot of testing. Three weeks is ideal because it maximizes open rate and lowers unsubscribes.

GG: How much does Happy Grasshopper cost?

DS: It’s $19 per month for up to 500 contacts. Right now, we’re offering your first 90 days for just $9 and we always offer our 100% money back guarantee.

GG: Are there startup fees or contracts?

DS: No. It’s just a monthly service.

GG: It seems like we can’t visit a real estate Facebook group without hearing someone rave about your service. What’s your secret? Why do people love your service so much?

DS: Ha! You’re making me blush! We are completely blown away by how the real estate community. I mean, you guys are fantastic – when something works, you tell a friend – and I think that’s what people love most about Happy Grasshopper – it works, and you know it works because you get instant feedback every time we send.


Let us know what you think, and be on the look out for us at the Happy Grasshopper booth at a real estate conference near you. Here is a short video you just might love.

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