You’ll want to be “geeky” too when you see this!

Ben Kinney - Founder of IMSD

Ben Kinney (our head geek) and The Geeky Girls

Some of us are born “geeky” and some of us need a little help to discover that inner geek. The Geeky Girls have a lot of natural “geekyness” going on, but they have had  help from IMSD (Internet Marketing Specialist Designation). Since graduation from the IMSD program we have taken “geeky” to a whole new level.  Over the last year our  real estate business has grown and we have had the opportunity to travel and teach all over the country – spreading  the “geeky” love. We wanted to share pics of some of the awesome geeks we have met! They have redefined “geeky”!


Geeky Friends

There are so many geeks out there we couldn’t find pics of them all.  If you send us your Geeky picture, we will add it to the new collage. (post it in the comments or on The Geeky Girls.) We hope you’ll join us in “bringing geeky back”….

If you want to find out more about IMSD visit – we want you to get “geeky” with us – GEEKS RULE!




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