Open Home Pro Rebuilt – Focus Brings Simplicity

A good friend of ours has built a remarkable app for real estate agents. We wanted to tell you all about it, but then decided that he has the most passion about it, should talk about it. Thank you Andrew Machado for sharing Open Home Pro with us.


When we originally launched Open Home Pro in September of 2010 it was extremely simple, but the activation process to get the app going was, for lack of a better word, awful.  Instead of fixing that problem, we saw enough usage from consumers to reinvest back into the app and rebuild it.  We threw a new coat of paint on it. Some things were better, but somethings were much worse.  Photo uploading was dreadful. It sometimes didn’t work. Thousands of agents would take the time to get photos on their iPad and then we weren’t accepting them.  We had over 15k signups in the first year, with a dreadful product….

So what did we do? We rebuilt the app again, but this time we had extreme focus.  We must have stared at the screen below for what felt like hours.  There is a real elegance not only in the photo, but just the words “touch to begin”.  It’s simplistic. It’s elegant. That’s what Open Home Pro really should be.  Open Home Pro


So as of today we’ve launched a new version of the product. It’s built around a few very big ideas.
1.  Managing leads.
If you’ve ever played tee ball think of Open Home Pro like that. We want to get you as many leads on the tee as possible. We don’t care about what happens when the ball gets hit (contracts written, deals fall through, etc), but what we do care about is getting you as many balls to swing at as possible.  So we’ve built an extremely lightweight tool to manage leads.  You can mark leads hot or not, send them email alerts around property activity and you can do all of this effortlessly.  As our first version you can even use it to manage an Open House.

2.  Photos are everything
When you get photos from your listings and put them into the app everything is supercharged.  The Question and Answer experience incorporates photos into the background and actually will dissolve between them if the person sits on a question for a few seconds.  Listings animate between the photos and with just the touch of a finger you can add more. It’s very simple, but very powerful.  Check out the listing pages we create for every property on the fly that work on iPhone, Android in addition to the web.Open Home Pro

3.  Touch to Edit
When you look at a lot of software out there is a bit complex. Lots of buttons. Tons of features. So we challenged ourselves to have as few buttons as possible.  To do this we came up with touch to edit.  Want to modify your next open house time? Simply touch it and change it.  If you want to change a listing from “For Sale” to “In Contract” – just touch it.  This may seem like a little thing but it makes the app much easier, faster and frankly more fun to use.

We hope you enjoy what we have built. If you have any comments or want to discuss features you’d like,  email me anytime


The Geeky Girls use  Open Home Pro and want to know if you have used this app or will you give it a try now? We would love to hear what you have to say about it.

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