What is in a Referral?

A couple weeks back, The Geeky Girls were guests of Darin Persinger during a Levels Coaching call. The live calls and call recordings are only for members of his awesome coaching program, but he wrote an email to share some of the notes that he took during the call.  Most of the time people want us to discuss something techy or geeky but this particular call was all about referrals. Levels Coaching The Geeky Girls


Laurie and I have been generating referrals from numerous sources for the past several years. Our past clients are important to us, but so are agent to agent referrals. The key to generating either type of referral is to stay top of mind with both your past clients and agents.

The biggest source of agent to agent referrals is happening on Facebook for both of us.  I am currently working with 2 clients right now that came from a referral group created by Jonathan Rivera. Referral groups can be a great way to stay in contact with other agents.  Laurie recently received a referral from an agent who is a “friend” on Facebook – you just never know when someone will be looking for an agent where you live.  Building online relationships is the key, but an important factor is learning to take your relationship from online to offline.

We were recently had the opportunity to listen to consumers talk about their relationship with the last agent that they worked with. A common theme was that the consumers only contacted one agent when they decided they were actually in need of an agent’s real estate services. If this is the norm, you better be first or you won’t even know they have a real estate need until after they close and someone else gets paid.

Referrals, whether from past clients or agents, are one of the best leads you can get. What is your best piece of advice for generating past client or agent to agent referrals?






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