Have you become an Interrogator?

Every time I look at my Facebook News Feed these days I feel like I am being interrogated. Coke or Pespsi? What’s your favorite color? Italian or Mexican restaurant? Coffee or Tea? What’s your favorite song? The questions keep coming and I am getting tired of answering them. Do you feel that way too?


Now I am the first to admit, I have stood in front of a room full of people and said to get engagement in social media they should ask questions. BUT it seems that somewhere along the way something has been lost. While questions can get a response, are you asking questions that are creating real engagement? For me social media should be a conversation and if we are asking generic question purely to chalk up another “comment” or “like” we are missing the point. We should be building relationships, not our Klout score. I won’t dive into the “Klout” debate here, but you might want to read the article Chris Smith of Inman Next wrote, “There is no I in Klout”. I think he does a great job of explaining how we should be using Klout as a tool.

Questions can be a great way to involve your friends and fans when you ask about things that matter to them.  Jimmy Mackin says one of the best things you can do is ask for “advice”. We all love to give advice about things we have experience with. Think about what common experiences have you may have had that you are able to help each other with. Ask questions that trigger conversation.

Asking too many questions has the same effect as always posting quotes… In a conversation with a friend would you stand there and spout off quote after quote? Hopefully not and I wouldn’t ask incessant meaningless questions either.

Take a look back at your last 10-20 posts and see how many are questions. Did they create conversation or just answers?


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