Well Dorothy…we are not in Kansas anymore!

How many of your closest relationships have started online? For us that answer is growing by the minute.

We flew into Boston on Monday night for Agent Reboot. We don’t usually have any downtime when we travel so having all day Tuesday to be a tourist was a real treat. We were able to see the sights of the city as we went on a walking tour with Will Hansen in the morning. Then we visited some local real estate offices in the afternoon, had a late lunch with Matthew Shadbolt and then an even later dinner with the rest of the Inman family. Imagine being able to spend some time with some of your best friends from all over the country. That’s what this turned out to be for us.

Have you ever been to Agent Reboot?  With the creation of Inman Next, the format has changed. The Geeky Girls have been  to several Reboots over the last year and the changes are very good.

Chris Smith kicked off the day with a full review of emerging technology in mobile. You can watch this presentation in the video at  Keller Williams Mega Camp where he received a standing ovation.

Agent Reboot Boston The Geeky Girls

The Geeky Girls with Darin Persinger and Matthew Shadbolt

Next Katie Lance interviewed some of the brightest minds in social media. Jimmy Mackin and Matthew Shadbolt answered questions about what social media platforms you should be using. Watch the video of their responses and insight about social media platforms.

If you have never had the opportunity to hear Jimmy Mackin in person, you are missing out. He is as dynamic on stage as he is on a webinar, maybe even better because you can see his passion and enthusiasm when helping agents in person. We truly believe the reason people are drawn to his insight is because he really does come from a place of contribution. We are sure he is blushing right now as he reads this, but it is obvious he loves what he does.

There is one thing that we do miss from the old Reboot lineup and that is Darin Persinger’s original music video. He gives real life advice for agents on how to get started with video. The number one take-away we have is “Don’t be creepy on camera or real life either for that matter”!

Social Media Panel

Matthew Shadbolt gave an in-depth look into foursquare and how The Corcoran Group has been able to utilize it in their business.  Bringing your business outside the four walls is key and they know how to do that better than anyone.

Chris Smith talked about online reputation and getting reviews from clients. One of the favorites is faceified. Did you read our article about it a couple of months ago?

Agent Reboot was full of helpful information from beginning to end – if the Reboot Tour comes to a city near you GO!

We have been on the road a lot lately and sometimes traveling can be a whirlwind tour that feels like it’s over before it even began.  Sometimes you wake up and feel like Dorothy…. we aren’t in Kansas anymore… but Boston is a city to remember.

Agent Reboot Boston The Geeky Girls

The Geeky Girls with Jimmy Mackin and Chris Smith

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