We consider Geeky a compliment!

This past week The Geeky Girls were asked to help facilitate several sessions at RebarCamp in Raleigh aka #REBCRDU. This particular REBC was held in an exclusive club in downtown Raleigh where proper attire did not include jeans. We had to obtained prior permission from Eleanor Thorne, who spear-headed this camp, before we came dressed in banned attire. As you all know blingy jeans are our uniform!

Photo by Bobby Carroll

Our first panel of the day was about Facebook pages. We talked about how you can use them for your business to gain interaction, grow your fan base and ultimately get business. Penny Hull, a local Raleigh real estate agent and Daniel Bates an agent outside Myrtle Beach were also on the panel with us. We each do things very differently, here we will concentrate on what The Geeky Girl talked about.

1. Post as your page. Log as your page and interact on other pages. Do NOT try to sell on their pages. Come from a place of contribution. Create a reason for people who see you on on another page to come to your page and like you too.

2. Create a custom landing page. The one we suggest is created by Jimmy Mackin. The 30 second or less video will give the people who land on your page a little more insight into who you really are and create even more reason to stick around. It also allows you to capture contact information and store it outside of FB. You should have some sort of deliverable you can send via email.

3. Pictures and video that you create get the most engagement and have higher edgerank. Post a picture and ask a question with it. Take a video and attempt to get your fans to comment. Just a little note – please do not post pictures of a quote… we are all getting a little tired of this :)

Geeky t-shirts The Geeky Girls

The Official IMSD Geeky Shirt


4. Post a contest. Who does not like to be a winner, collect bragging rights or win a prize. We talked about the contest we created this past week where we are looking for our biggest fan. We put an app on our page called Booshaka that measures fan engagement and gives points for shares, comments, likes.

5. GET GEEKY! Lastly, we talked about other ways to become “geeky” like us. The simple answer to that is start or continue your training with the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation like we have. IMSD has put together all of the important aspects of online marketing in one place. Plus once you complete the homework for IMSD, you will get your own “geeky” t-shirt!

Thanks to everyone who attended our sessions at #REBCRDU -we enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Also, want to give a shout out to Jeremy Blanton, Bobby Carroll, James Fouts and Mike Di Fronzo for your great participation!

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