Tout it Out

First, have you ever heard of Tout? The most simple definition is that it is a 15 second video status update that you can create right on your phone.

Last week I got an email from Tout that they had completed the app for Android. As the Droid user of The Geeky Girls this made my day. I immediately uploaded it and began testing it. I was attempting to send 2 video messages to our good friends Katie Lance  and Matthew Shadbolt. I Touted 3 different videos but the sound would not work. Not ready to give up, I took out my iPad and made the videos on there instead. tout the geeky girls

The very next day, ironically enough I received an email from Tout asking for feedback for their new Android app. I am a giver and in this instance really wanted full use of this amazing technology so of course I offered them feedback. This is a snipit of the email I received back just an hour after I sent my feedback in….

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for your feedback and our engineers have been made aware of your issue.  We are working on it, and will let you know when it is resolved.  Also we would love to send you a ToutT.  Thanks and ToutON!

In return they are sending me a Tout tshirt and no Darin Persinger you may not have it. We began conversing back and forth and they sent me this little video to share with you just how popular and fast Tout is growing.

So my next question is, have you heard of Tout and what uses do you see from it going forward? Send me a link to your best Tout video that you want to share. After all…sharing is what it is all about.


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