Camp Was Never This Good When We Were Kids- KW Mega Camp

We have never been so excited about going to “camp”! We should probably just post our twitter streams so you can see all the things that we heard while at Keller Williams Mega Camp last week.

From Gary Keller himself, to Ben Kinney, to Chris Smith, to our own Lisa Archer actually being on stage, it was the most incredible event to date in our 5+ years with Keller Williams. Mega Tech camp was over the top! Ben Kinney and Cary Sylvester have elevated the technology at Keller Williams to a whole new level.
Here is a brief list of some of the aha’s (as we call them in KW country)  from Mega Camp:
Sue Adler, “Don’t be boring your whole brand is built around you.” Check out Sue’s new website and marvel at the handiwork of Jim Marks.
Keller Williams Mega Camp The Geeky Girls
When posting your Craigslist ads, just remember, pretty does not win.
Jay Papasan did an incredible presentation on Facebook. He asked, “How are we going to get social?” According to Momentous media 50% of clicks on Facebook are within 62 minutes. Make sure that you ride the wave from 7:30 to 8:30 AM! Ask for what you want! Ask for the like.
Seychelle Van Poole Engelhard was on a panel discussing engagement in her social media efforts, “Are you getting engagement”? On your client’s birthday, ask for their address if you don’t already have it.  Then put their birthday in calendar for next year and send them a birthday card.
Chris Smith’s presentation on emerging technologies was very informative. You can watch it here because it is something every agent should hear.
The keynote presentation of the day was Stefan Swanepoel. One of the most retweeted comments he made was, “A billion more people have cell phones in the world than brush their teeth everyday.” Let’s put that one into perspective people. You can watch his keynote here too. The keynote was amazing, but the two meetings we had with Stefan were priceless.
BOLD panel Lisa Archer Keller Williams Mega Camp

Lisa on stage during the BOLD panel

Adam Hergenrother had some great tips on tracking your numbers by buyer division. His team has a buyer manager that collects daily activity records. He wants to know where are his buyers agents are with mindset, how many calls are made daily, how many appointments did they set? They have a daily huddle.
Jillene Snell, the team manager and backbone of Ben Kinney’s mega team has 15 minute accountability sessions once a week with all of their team members to keep motivating them. “Having the technology in place to know what calls were made, emails were sent, and appointments were set is imperative.”
If you were at Camp last week with us we are sure you had some other take-aways. What was the first thing you implemented when you got home? What are you still thinking about doing that you heard last week? Come on share with all of us what made your trip worthwhile.

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