Who Needs Sleep When you get to CONNECT? (Part 3: Where the real CONNECTing begins!

Amy Youngren The Geeky GirlsOver the last several  years, we have been traveling to numerous real estate conferences with mostly Keller Williams agents. This year we decided to get out of our bubble.  Since we have so many relationships we have made online we wanted to expand them offline. We have been to half a dozen non KW events this year. One of the best things about attending Real Estate Connect is the opportunity to be with so many exceptional people in one place.  It was like stepping into Facebook or Twitter – everyone was a friend whether we had met them IRL (do you need me to tell you what that stands for) before or not! From the moment we hit the ground in San Francisco it was a reunion! Agent reboot San Francisco Geeky Girls

Dale Chumbley Inman Connect The Geeky GirlsWhen we finally touched down, we were able to share a taxi with Ben Kinney, our “head geek”, from the airport to the hotel/conference center. From the second we walked into the lobby (this could be referred to as #LobbyCon later) we started seeing our friends. A fast hug to Jeff Turner and Derek Overby and we headed to our rooms.  A quick shower and clothes change and we were off to Agent Reboot. We had front row seats that were being saved by Stephanie Baldwin and our Swagga Sisters, Debra Trappen and Linda Aaron. Meeting these girls was like the sprinkles on the top of our ice cream so to speak.inman connect Darin persinger the geeky girls


The Geeky Girls were asked to be Ambassadors for the Connect week. Our co-Ambassadors were Stephanie Baldwin, Dale Chumbley, Linda Aaron, Debra Trappen, Tucker Wannamaker, Julie Ziemelis, and Chris Nichols.On our first evening, the Ambassodors had the special honor to have dinner with Tracy Weir, Chris Smith, Michael McClure, Katie Lance and her wonderful husband. It was a fun night of fellowship and laughs. Several of us were meeting for the first time IRL but it felt as if we had known each other for years. Real estate connect Inman ambassadors the geeky girls

After dinner we had plans to meet a bunch more friends. We started at Twenty Five Lusk and made our way back to our hotel where we found quite a crowd. We caught up with Jim Marks, Derek Overby, Bill Lublin, Amy Youngren, Steve Pacinelli, Amy Smythe-Harris, Stephen Jagger, Stacey Harmon, Grier Allen, Rivers Pearce, Jennifer Haus, Gary Chambers, Suzanne Roy, Ross Hair, and Rob Hahn before the evening ended.

GeekySwagga The geeky Girls Inman Real estate connectDay 1 of Connect we were off and running! We found our good pal Kris Neese (IMSD) who hooked us up with much needed Starbucks! We had a nice “girls lunch” with Sue Adler and DebraTrappen and then after the sessions ended, we changed clothes and headed to the Trulia party at The Clift Hotel. There we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Machado (Open Home Pro), hanging out with Todd Waller, chatting with Ross Hair and planning the next big event for RE agents with Rudy Bachraty.  Later back at the hotel we found the usual suspects hanging out. The girls with The Geeky Girls Connect

On Day 2 of Connect between sessions we found our way to the Premium Lounge and had a much needed massage. Ran into our good friend Darin Persinger  who introduced us to Drew Burks. Made another trip over to the Clift Hotel with Sue Adler for a caffeine break.  Sue Adler The Geeky Girls Inman ConnectThen back to get dressed for the evening. The last night we were invited to a party at Vessel thrown by Inman News. It was a fun time and full of influential people in the real estate world. We finally had the opportunity  to talk to Matthew Shadbolt with The Corcoran Group and meet Brad Inman himself.  We also spent some time with Tim Smith and Will Hansen which are some of our favorite people in the world.

Brad Inman and  The geeky GirlsLater we headed to Slide with our Inman pals, Nicole Nicolay, Reggie Nicolay, Ryan Holmes (from Hootsuite), Darin Persinger, the swagga girlz, Ernie Graham, and the BoomTown Boys- Grier Allen and Rivers Pearce. The name comes from a huge indoor slide right when you walk into the bar that you slide down and get to bottom where the fun begins. The “slide” is not operation during the week- only on weekends, but you can rest assured that we went down it numerous times on this Thursday night. Inman Connect Goodbye friends

Day 3 of Connect was a half day and we were flying out early in the afternoon so it was a whirlwind of goodbyes! Ater the morning session we grabbed our bags and headed to the airport for a relatively uneventful flight home – thank goodness!!

If you are still wondering why you might want to go to Connect, our good friend Michael McClure put together this video, Why Real Estate Connect San Francisco?.… it should answer any lingering questions! So the only thing left to say is…. see you at Real Estate Connect New York!!


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