Who needs sleep when you get to Connect? (Part 2- CONNECTing)

When we go to any real estate conference, we have an idea of what we are going to be doing. Inman Connect was completely different than we imagined, but in a great way.

Ben Kinney Agent Reboot SF 2011

Ben Kinney

The day before Connect actually started was Agent Reboot San Francisco. We have been to or presented at half a dozen Agent Reboot’s already this year and love the format. They changed several of the sessions and actually improved an already great event. Added to the speaker line up were Ben Kinney , Michael McClure and Jim Marks – great additions. Ben spoke about budgeting which turned into team building and Jim was fabulous on SEO. Our great friend Michael talked about Making Money with Social Media. And somehow, Nicole Nicolay got her hands on a t-shirt “gun” which was pretty scary experience.

Nicole Nicolay

Nicole Nicolay

Sue Adler

By the start of the first day of Connect we had 6 hours of sleep under our belt for 3 days. A fabulous friend, Kris Neese (IMSD) texted us that he was going to be our Starbucks savior and off we went. We were invited to Inman Connect as Ambassadors which meant we have the unique privilege of live tweeting, taking video from attendees and being social.
We had originally thought about splitting up and taking in more content, but we quickly realized that live tweeting and taking video is better suited for a team. The first session we went to was on being a paperless agent. Our good friends Darin Persinger, Dale Chumbley, Cary Sylvester, Sue Adler, Jay Thompson, Ginger Wilcox, Matt Dollinger and Krisstina Wise all were fabulous. We even changed breakout sessions to hear Matthew Shadbolt with the Corcoran Group present on Location Based Marketing. After that first session, we took to the halls of Connect where the real fun started. Getting to meet several people for the first time IRL including Nobu Hata, Chris Nichols and so many more was incredible.

Ron Conway and Brad Inman

The incredible keynotes began after lunch. From Brad Inman interview with Ron Conway (Silicon Valley Angel Investor) to the CEO of Altimeter Group (Brian Solis) the information was flowing. Emily White with Facebook local and Jason Spero head of Google mobile ads were both full of incredible insight into what is going on online.

Day 2 now with a fabulous 9 hours of sleep accounted for, were some other fabulous keynotes from Porter Gale (VP Marketing with Virgin Airlines) and Krisstina Wise (Principal of the Goodlife Team). Both women were dynamic and left no doubt why their brands are thriving. Its all about the customer experience not the customer service. Next were information packed keynotes from the CEO and founders of Hootsuite (Ryan Holmes), Honestly.com (Pete Kazanjy) and another interview by Brad Inman with Joe Gebbia (Air BnB founder). Sherry Chris moderated a panel on leadership with Steven Jagger, Brian Clark and Walter Shilds.

Just before lunch the Inman Innovator Awards were announced. This was an exciting time for us as our very own Keller Williams Realty eEdge was nominated for Most Innovative Real Estate Website or Service. It was a lasting memory when KW was announced as the winner and we were on the front row filming Cary Sylvester getting the hardware.

There were additonal broker break outs for the afternoon. Some of the ones we attended were Herman Chan on video (he is dynamic), Business Solutions with Gahlord Dewald, Austin Allison (DotLoop) and the Importance of Creating powerful content with Derek Overbey (Roost). I think the twitter stream at some point was crashing the free wifi that Century 21 was providing us with.

Ian Morris

Chris Smith

Friday morning before the conculsion, Chris Smith (chief evangelist with Inman News) did a must see tech trends. The founder of Houzz.com whom I have already written a separate blog about was incredible. There were a few other presentations by Ian Morris (CEO of Market Leader), and Brian Boreo (1000watt Consulting) but the entire event was worth the trip by the keynote given by David Pogue. If you missed his musical number, fear not, we have it on video.

David Pogue

After 4 days of cramming our brains with information from the brightest minds in our industry and sleeping a grand total of 12 hours, we were completely worn out but in a good way. Katie Lance and Chris Smith (who was an excellent emcee of the entire event) gave the audience a look at what you can expect next in the world of technology and real estate.

In case there was any doubt, The Geeky Girls had a fabulous time at Inman Connect. There are many reason’s you should attend and you have only heard half the story so far…..wait for part 3 to see what was even better than the actual sessions, keynotes and interviews.

If you missed it here’s Part ONE!



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