I don’t care how it works as long as it does

Not sure about your phone’s battery life, but mine can hardly keep up with me. I have had a smart phone for years and a common side effect is is low battery light that comes on quite often. A couple months back I converted from the dark side aka Blackberry and got an HTC Evo Shift.  I absolutely love the functionality of the Android platform and all the features that come with it. The only issue is that on a busy day, the red light would be flashing by noon. Juice Defender The Geeky Girls

Last week, I found an application in the Android Market that has changed all of this. Juice Defender is an amazing app that conserves your battery. Some of the features that make it worth the download are 1. It is EASY, 2. It is FREE, 3. Did I mention it  was EASY?  The application has setting for the mobile data, 2G/3G,WiFi settings, scheduling on certain connectivity, specific application connectivity, control of the brightness and many other features.

juice_defender_screen_shots- The geeky Girls

I have been using the Juice Defender application for almost a week now and the difference has been amazing. An extra three hours a day before I need to even consider looking for a charger or power outlet has been freeing.

What could you do with 3 or more hours of phone life? For me, that is 20 more calls I get to  make to clients, agents and my family or friends. Is there an application that you have seen recently that we should check out? As a Droid owner, the market is full of great apps. The Juice Defender has been a great addition to my collection. Let me know what you think.





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