Protecting the electronics at all costs

As a Mom of 3 very active kids, I have become very familiar with Otterbox. If you have any experience with them, then you already know that they make one of the most protective cases out there. I would argue that they produce the absolute most protective cases. Otterbox defender case Geeky Girls

There are three levels of cases that Otterbox makes.  The only case that I have experience with is the Defender Series. Several years ago when I got my first smart phone, I learned the hard way that these expensive phones are easy to break especially with 3 kids who are always using them. Our family has a long history with this type of protection. It first started with a Palm Treo, 3 Blackberrys, Palm Pre, iPod Touch, HTV Evo, iPad, HTC Evo Shift and now iPad2.

The only criticism that one could have would be that this case is a little bulky, but when it is constantly protected even when run over, dropped on concrete or thrown at someone (on purpose to test the Otterbox claims) that complaint is forgotten quickly.

Otterbox Denfender Case -Geeky Girls

A couple months back, Otterbox reached out to me about beta testing the brand new HTC Evo Shift Commuter case. My official review is that it is a great case. It has protected my phone just as its cousins before it. The standard features of the HTC EVO 4G Commuter Series Case is  • All around protection • Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports • Includes a self-adhering protective film • Durable and lightweight • Access to all buttons and features • There are a couple of criticisms that I do have. The first is that the charging cover does not stay on very well. The other is that the back of the case is quite slippery. I have never owned an Otterbox case that was slippery in anyway. Those are the only 2 design elements that I would change when they release this phone case. I love it and will buy that case as I expect these 2 issues to be remedied.

If you really want to protect your electronics, you should get the Defender Otterbox case. Have you used any other case that you like better?Otterbox Denfender Case -Geeky Girls



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