Google+…. the frenzy to get in!

Google+ has been released but only a lucky few got in before Google decided they need to keep things small to start out. Everybody is trying to get an invite- you might even find one on sale at eBay. So what’s it all about?   If you didn’t get an invite you may have to wait to see…. That said there are work-arounds and special links all over the web promising to get you in. You can give it a shot, but be careful – viruses abound.

Laurie's Homefeed on Google+

Home on Google+

If you are dieing to get a peek, here is what the home page looks like. Looks kind of familiar doesn’t it?  There are a lot of similarities to Facebook, but there are some differences as well. As we continue our test drive, we will keep you up to date on our thoughts and discoveries.

I will tell you that I like the ability to edit a post without having to delete it. It drives me crazy when I see I made a typo and I already have comments. Also, I look forward to trying out a “hangout” – a group video chat- I was invited to one with some of Ashten Kutcher’s friends, but dang if I didn’t miss it :).

While you are waiting for our next update – check out “The Geeky Girls” on Facebook!





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